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Friday, July 4, 2008


Has reached into my psyche and grabbed me at a fundamental level... In February I uploaded my first of what I think of as family archive pics to Flickr, the Yahoo! Photo sharing service. It was a neat little deal, I thought, something I could fart around with. A few weeks ago, The borders of my life were drastically redrawn, and as coping mechanisms, I started posting to my blog more consistently, purchased a couple of cameras, and began in earnest as I discovered how effective photography, writing, and interaction with the online community could be in temporarily escaping pain. Now blogging, I love... but it is difficult, and writing for me is a slow, torturous process. (I have heard creativity described as birth pangs, but being a male, I must equate it to extreme constipation, that has reached a critical level, and will be resolved, either with happy, excruciating pain, or death. you know what I mean...) and my writing is definitely better some days than others. Photography, on the other hand rewards volume, and if you take enough pictures, you gonna get a jewel sooner or later. Mamma's Losin' It claims to be an "attention craving poodle", and I can identify with this, though I am not a purebred. As my nuclear family dissolved, and my web traffic went through a tiny climb, I realized that attention, even fleeting, and from perfect strangers, felt good, and my pictures have gotten more than my blog. As a writer, and a photographer, my skills hover a RRCH over mediocrity, with the occasional shining moment, but photography is easier and burns more calories. My friend Insane Mamma (not her real name... there is a Stalker out there) reminds us the life-changing circumstances and events can hardwire associations between stimuli and memories and photos can surely be a trigger, like scents, and music, but they can also do this on a more general level bringing up feelings of 
as well as taking us back to another place and time. 
Anyway, photography has become my drug, or my mistress, and I have spent most of the day writing about it, stepping out back to do it or editing the results of it. I have got to get a handle on some things, and as a birthday present to myself, I am going to try to have a little more balance to life (ha ha, right) but  maybe not till Sunday


  1. Did you see what someone mentioned on my comments today about your photos??? She said you had great macro shots. See??? I'm not the only who thinks your photos are great!!

  2. I did see...thanks for the plug!


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