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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


like most Ideals, can never be reached, but like most disciplines, I can set markers up along the path, goals that approach the Ideal with ever-increasing proximity. For instance, I will never reach my fantasy level of physical conditioning, with the sculpted abs, rock hard biceps and wrangler filling buttocks of a disciplined man of leisure (what a concept!) however... I can exercise enough to maintain a reasonable level of physical fitness. Right? And there are people Who are good at it, those beings with high level of function, and a marked shortage of Dys in their lives. It's there... it's not the same slap-you-in-the-face case that permeates almost every level of my existence. I wonder what I can do about this, and if balance is even a VALID CONCEPT
It kinda doesn't jive with the whole "seek first the kingdom  of heaven" thing


  1. I think balance can be achieved by taking care of the necessities while striving for the desires. If your house is in order (or at least getting there), your mind is more free to explore and chase after your dreams.
    Uh oh, my philosophy major is showing itself.

  2. Teri is right. When things are in order, your mind if free...


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