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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

finepix 6-17-08 243 widescreen edit

I know, this is getting redundant.


  1. I don't think your pics are ever redundant... I think they show inner peace, patience and genuine interest.

  2. So, is there any way I can buy a copy of the dragonfly? You have no idea how much I love dragonflies and the colors are fantastic... PLEASE I want to buy it! I write about it and you and hang it proudly in my bathroom with my butterfly pictures!

  3. its on the way...thanks so much.

  4. That is just beautiful. I have been a pro-photog for over 20 years - tapering off while in school (returned after YEARS), next on to law school. Yeah, a big change...but a really good one. I am so loving your photos. Found you by way of Insane Mama. I'll be back. Great pics.

  5. Oh, and photography is great therapy. Makes you stop and enjoy all facets of life.

  6. a compliment from a pro...( and a moderately gushing one, at that! :D) WHOOO HOOOO!!! man, You have so made my night. I will brag about this....


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