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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My favorite Barista in the whole world

I have to go to Atlanta. Now. Because of some strange policies in place at the georgia military college, that I have been trying to get into because this makes my life more simple,(you dont have to buy books) in the long run... I will pick up a piece of paper that would take 4 weeks to get here.
My favorite Barista in the whole world is Kelsie. She rode to Atlanta with me today, to get a copy of my GED transcript.
My Favorite Barrista
I met Kelsie about 15 years ago, when she was four or five, ( i'll look around, maybe I've got a photo)... She used to climb up in my lap like she owned it... 
At the time, this younger, skinnier man,
me, back in the day
was utterly lovestruck over her mother, Debbie.
2008 07 01_0750
I sat at the kitchen table of a house that Debbie shared with two other women, and I was fortunate enough to see Debbie walk by, lightly sprinkled with water and clad only in a towel (I have since concluded that this was a calculated move on Mom's part.) and truly have been smitten ever since. 
Anyway, the thing about Kelsie, (this is her off duty) I don't have any teeth!
is that she is a movie star, and you may have seen her, and not realized it.
As I understand it, infants, for filming purposes, can only be on the clock for a short time each day. Because of this, when on location, directors search for twins, usually through the local Mother of Twins club, since twins effectively double the amount of time a baby can be used in the production of a film. This is how Kelsie, and her brother, Kalan,
2008 08 01_2744
came to portray the baby in Fried Green Tomatoes almost 17 years ago.

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  1. Hope you are "enjoying" our Atlanta heat. It's only gonna get hotter, I hear.


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