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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Circumcision, Lust, and Sexual Purity... Really. If you don't follow the links, I'm gonna sound crazy

 And I might Be...My wife is dating one of my friends. She called me from his phone this afternoon. It's the weirdest  feeling. My heart is healing... maybe? There is frustration inside directed at my father in Heaven as I struggle with my issues of sexual purity. On the one hand, I see the wisdom of many of the accepted church teachings on the morality of sex, and God's rules for fidelity, and it's protective role in preserving a healthy nuclear family. My own dysfunction, and the baggage I see around me makes a good case for it, But what about me? I have lost, or never had any sexual purity by Church Standards, (what do I have to lose?)and God's Standards are somewhat different. The Church position on lust is, I believe, a misinterpretation of scripture, that guilt trips possibly millions of Evangelical Men (yeah, I went there!). Now, this is kinda freaky, but a graduate of the Church Of God (uh huh, those guys) Bible Institute has a discourse on the Church's faulty definition of lust in, of all things, an article on OMG! masturbation! (I know, I know!). Part of me wants to take comfort in the closeness of physical intimacy with someone who loves me very much, and the reasons I keep from doing so become more suspect as I delve into truth. Why Torture myself? I agree with Denver Cheddie's take on the faultiness of the Church's definition of lust. (though some of his other stuff, I reserve judgement on... it's fascinating a read, though) If the Church definition of immorality is similarly skewed, there has been a terrible joke played on a lot of people. Of course, the Church would never abuse thousands, just ask the victims of the Inquisition, The Crusades, or the Salem Witches. I don't wanna  get on my soap box, But I just can't help it, tonight. My bitterness runs close to the suface, and the legitimacy of the the Canon is questionable if you read the bible in english, which I touch on in my comment on Chris Taylor's Blog regarding Peter's statement to the new Christian men about cutting off their foreskins, among other things. Thank God I was done at birth.
Anyway, It is once again after Midnight, and I have been a Good! Boy! I think I see torches outside...

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  1. Once again Chris... I love your to see and hear your opinions.


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