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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My favorite Barista in the whole world

I have to go to Atlanta. Now. Because of some strange policies in place at the georgia military college, that I have been trying to get into because this makes my life more simple,(you dont have to buy books) in the long run... I will pick up a piece of paper that would take 4 weeks to get here.
My favorite Barista in the whole world is Kelsie. She rode to Atlanta with me today, to get a copy of my GED transcript.
My Favorite Barrista
I met Kelsie about 15 years ago, when she was four or five, ( i'll look around, maybe I've got a photo)... She used to climb up in my lap like she owned it... 
At the time, this younger, skinnier man,
me, back in the day
was utterly lovestruck over her mother, Debbie.
2008 07 01_0750
I sat at the kitchen table of a house that Debbie shared with two other women, and I was fortunate enough to see Debbie walk by, lightly sprinkled with water and clad only in a towel (I have since concluded that this was a calculated move on Mom's part.) and truly have been smitten ever since. 
Anyway, the thing about Kelsie, (this is her off duty) I don't have any teeth!
is that she is a movie star, and you may have seen her, and not realized it.
As I understand it, infants, for filming purposes, can only be on the clock for a short time each day. Because of this, when on location, directors search for twins, usually through the local Mother of Twins club, since twins effectively double the amount of time a baby can be used in the production of a film. This is how Kelsie, and her brother, Kalan,
2008 08 01_2744
came to portray the baby in Fried Green Tomatoes almost 17 years ago.


Killer., originally uploaded by use2blost.

He's not gonna take no for an answer. 

Dog toys are funny things. Jack is pretty good about keeping up with them, but over time they do get lost, only to reappear a little time down the road. He  LOVES this thing... and it seems, in the last few days to have gone away.

the inevitable invitation to view him on a black background

Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to the real world...

Back to the everyday world...

an attempt to get artsy, to step beyond my usual Great Big Bug Picture and photograph something with a broader appeal... It really should be viewed on a black background to be appreciated

Gold Miner

Gold Miner
Gold Miner, originally uploaded by use2blost.

This too, I like...

Say Grace...

Say Grace...

I am pretty pleased with this pic... I feel like I am approaching the limits of what I can do without upgrading my camera, or moving much more slowly

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

not the best hummer, but better than nothing

Happy but not satisfied... it's a good thing I'm broke - I would blow the power bill on feeders and bright red annuals.
I know I haven't been posting consistently. I know, I am letting down my loyal readers - both of you... Hang in there.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Suzie - Q

2008 07 04_0782, originally uploaded by use2blost
The newest addition to the family... Some guys I have brunch with on Saturdays were talking about how somebody had thrown a dog over one guys fence, and he found it in the morning. I mentioned how worried I was about my dog  Jack, about 105 yrs, canine.
was spending his days alone since I became unexpectedly unfamilied. They immediately began to tell me I need the dog. I said I wasn't even unpacked and expected to be a starving full-time student in a few weeks. Herky said if I took the dog he would pay to have her spayed and shot. heh heh. two weeks later, I'm still waiting. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


like most Ideals, can never be reached, but like most disciplines, I can set markers up along the path, goals that approach the Ideal with ever-increasing proximity. For instance, I will never reach my fantasy level of physical conditioning, with the sculpted abs, rock hard biceps and wrangler filling buttocks of a disciplined man of leisure (what a concept!) however... I can exercise enough to maintain a reasonable level of physical fitness. Right? And there are people Who are good at it, those beings with high level of function, and a marked shortage of Dys in their lives. It's there... it's not the same slap-you-in-the-face case that permeates almost every level of my existence. I wonder what I can do about this, and if balance is even a VALID CONCEPT
It kinda doesn't jive with the whole "seek first the kingdom  of heaven" thing

Friday, July 4, 2008


Has reached into my psyche and grabbed me at a fundamental level... In February I uploaded my first of what I think of as family archive pics to Flickr, the Yahoo! Photo sharing service. It was a neat little deal, I thought, something I could fart around with. A few weeks ago, The borders of my life were drastically redrawn, and as coping mechanisms, I started posting to my blog more consistently, purchased a couple of cameras, and began in earnest as I discovered how effective photography, writing, and interaction with the online community could be in temporarily escaping pain. Now blogging, I love... but it is difficult, and writing for me is a slow, torturous process. (I have heard creativity described as birth pangs, but being a male, I must equate it to extreme constipation, that has reached a critical level, and will be resolved, either with happy, excruciating pain, or death. you know what I mean...) and my writing is definitely better some days than others. Photography, on the other hand rewards volume, and if you take enough pictures, you gonna get a jewel sooner or later. Mamma's Losin' It claims to be an "attention craving poodle", and I can identify with this, though I am not a purebred. As my nuclear family dissolved, and my web traffic went through a tiny climb, I realized that attention, even fleeting, and from perfect strangers, felt good, and my pictures have gotten more than my blog. As a writer, and a photographer, my skills hover a RRCH over mediocrity, with the occasional shining moment, but photography is easier and burns more calories. My friend Insane Mamma (not her real name... there is a Stalker out there) reminds us the life-changing circumstances and events can hardwire associations between stimuli and memories and photos can surely be a trigger, like scents, and music, but they can also do this on a more general level bringing up feelings of 
as well as taking us back to another place and time. 
Anyway, photography has become my drug, or my mistress, and I have spent most of the day writing about it, stepping out back to do it or editing the results of it. I have got to get a handle on some things, and as a birthday present to myself, I am going to try to have a little more balance to life (ha ha, right) but  maybe not till Sunday

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Circumcision, Lust, and Sexual Purity... Really. If you don't follow the links, I'm gonna sound crazy

 And I might Be...My wife is dating one of my friends. She called me from his phone this afternoon. It's the weirdest  feeling. My heart is healing... maybe? There is frustration inside directed at my father in Heaven as I struggle with my issues of sexual purity. On the one hand, I see the wisdom of many of the accepted church teachings on the morality of sex, and God's rules for fidelity, and it's protective role in preserving a healthy nuclear family. My own dysfunction, and the baggage I see around me makes a good case for it, But what about me? I have lost, or never had any sexual purity by Church Standards, (what do I have to lose?)and God's Standards are somewhat different. The Church position on lust is, I believe, a misinterpretation of scripture, that guilt trips possibly millions of Evangelical Men (yeah, I went there!). Now, this is kinda freaky, but a graduate of the Church Of God (uh huh, those guys) Bible Institute has a discourse on the Church's faulty definition of lust in, of all things, an article on OMG! masturbation! (I know, I know!). Part of me wants to take comfort in the closeness of physical intimacy with someone who loves me very much, and the reasons I keep from doing so become more suspect as I delve into truth. Why Torture myself? I agree with Denver Cheddie's take on the faultiness of the Church's definition of lust. (though some of his other stuff, I reserve judgement on... it's fascinating a read, though) If the Church definition of immorality is similarly skewed, there has been a terrible joke played on a lot of people. Of course, the Church would never abuse thousands, just ask the victims of the Inquisition, The Crusades, or the Salem Witches. I don't wanna  get on my soap box, But I just can't help it, tonight. My bitterness runs close to the suface, and the legitimacy of the the Canon is questionable if you read the bible in english, which I touch on in my comment on Chris Taylor's Blog regarding Peter's statement to the new Christian men about cutting off their foreskins, among other things. Thank God I was done at birth.
Anyway, It is once again after Midnight, and I have been a Good! Boy! I think I see torches outside...

finepix 6-17-08 243 widescreen edit

I know, this is getting redundant.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Daddy, I gotta pee.

Daddy, I gotta pee., originally uploaded by use2blost.

Jack is the best Dog in the world, He's 15

Dragonfly Blues

Dragonfly Blues, originally uploaded by use2blost.

The bugs seldom cooperate by sitting still. this photo was originally backlit, but thank God for PhotoShop. Brightness and Saturation was adjusted, no color substitution was made...the original is uploaded in a side by side but justice is done to him Here

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