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Sunday, June 8, 2008

kodak 710 196

kodak 710 196, originally uploaded by use2blost.

I love this shot... I have been so lost in the macro thing lately... I forgot about people. A couple friends asked me to take a few photo's at a fundraiser I had never in my life had a chance to photograph so many people, who mostly ignored me. I had great time.


  1. Sounds like fun! This is a great shot!!

    I like the sunflower too.

  2. It's hard when you find such beauty in objects and then you are taken back to the people in the world, and how simple yet beautiful they can be

  3. yes. I don't even know that woman's name, but I would love to give her a copy...I think the girls that asked me to take the pictures can get in touch with her. She looks so fresh, to me. everyone else was covered with sweat. My eyes were burning all afternoon.


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