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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chris vs The Rodent.

He has a better sense of smell (though, I probably smell better), a better sense of hearing, and probably better eyesight, since I have the eyes of a man 30 years older... also, he is more agile, and better looking. Kelsie took a picture of me yesterday, and I have never seen myself more repulsive, lol. I would post a link( or maybe I wouldn't) but I have reached my upload limit for this month on my photostream. I refuse to pay 30 bucks for a pro account at least until I have made it up to the mountains... These days, that's a hundred bucks gas, if I go straight there and straight back
Anyway, the battle of wits began when he started raping my birdfeeders and violated the big stash on the front porch. I decided he must be photographed. Lately I need something to occupy a little time, and the photo obsession has done nicely. After all, I have not the resources, time, or inclination to chase women, and I am too lethargic, and depressed to clean my house. (I try, really!). Flowers, I seem to have mastered, and birds have posed too challenging to date.  I have failed repeatedly to get a shot worth archiving. It seems that as a child all you had to do was throw out some bread, and they would come... but a squirrel, I thought would be doable. This has been an learner for sure. He spooks easily, and quickly runs away. I was lucky enough, to catch him looking at the wreckage of his earlier attack on my birdseed today, and got a pretty good shot, here: 

Now, this is not a particularly good pic, but I was able to get a little better, through the open patio door:

I was still not content, but fearful- this was much closer than I had even gotten to him before. This shot:

was the high point of my afternoon. A gift. It was actually taken through one of my kitchen windows, and even so, I only got off three before the skittish little fella took off. I am so pleased. A good close up for me. Hair texture, with good clarity is my goal. As my eye develops, I will work on lighting and composition. 

Good Night



1 comment:

  1. Hey you,
    Good pics. you have a better eye than you give youself credit for. Your days will get better Chris. Hang in there and keep taking these pictures, everyone enjoys them as much as you enjoy taking them.
    Love You,


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