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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Redefining Reality.

Scramble, originally uploaded by use2blost.

This girl looks like she's strugglin' (probably every bee you've ever seen was female). Her job, day in and day out for one to four months of life span, is to fly to and then clamber over, landscapes of incredible beauty, and to then fill her leg baskets with "another load of pollen!". (There is no real struggle's all in the camera, a posture frozen in time-insects can lift many times their body weight, of those strange aspects of physics that are over my head.)
I wonder, is it possible that as worker bees, we no longer see the flowers? Scott Peck tells us that " life is difficult" (or something like that...) and we nod in agreement, thinking that life is difficult.(that's not the royal "we", it's the trailer park "we". Perhaps it doesn't apply to my readers- both of you.)
When I begin to take the flowers for granted, I forget that I'm a member of a minority. As part of this exclusive group (80% of humanity lives on less than 10 bucks a day), I have a roof over my head... hell if I want, I have a roof over my car. I am so affluent that I can spew drinking water outside on my grass, and pay to feed animals who do no work. I am acquiring a college education in spite of youthful irresponsibility, and poor choices, and I get to walk around in the mountains a couple of times a year. My difficult life is littered with flowers. I even get to blog a little, when school is out.


  1. I'm blessed enough to be able to stay home with my kids while running a daycare. I see parents rushing their kids in and out, barely greeting them upon return and I just want to shake them out of it. Sometimes we just need to relax and stop the madness.

    Now stop wasting that perfectly good water. ;)

  2. I enjoy your view on life. No frilly stuff. Unless of course you have a frilly pair of panties...but that's none of my business :) Feel free to pay my bills so I don't have to work.

  3. Hey, so glad I found you again (through flickr) Now I have to go stalk your archives and your amazing photos

  4. PS... I'm not Insane mama anymore, I switched my url. Might wanna fix it on your blogroll =)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Mama, Kristen, Thanks for stopping by. Mariah, great to see you!


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