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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Around the same time I bought my house,

I am a Big Girl, originally uploaded by use2blost.

About a year ago, Kylee moved in next door with her grandma, aunt, cousin, and mom. This was also the period where my love of photography began to run away with me, and I itched for a good shot of Kylee, and got a couple... I was very much a beginner (still am) but loved some of those pictures. Kylee has since moved away, but comes back to visit for a few days here and there. I have lately been learning about HDR and shooting in RAW format, and it was a treat to catch this picture and tweak it. It is amazing how you can take an unremarkable shot and really bring out something special... sometimes. This picture of Kylee was a happy accident. I had actually gotten my camera to take a few pictures of the new baby and got to fartin' around with Kylee,
No, I'll take YOUR picture
who had a trampoline accident yesterday, giving her the black eye.

I love the way this turned out.

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  1. Amazing, really. Her eyes and the background color...


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