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Friday, May 22, 2009


PSSD (Post Scholastic Stress Disorder) is a seasonal disorder, commonly affecting men and women between 35 and 45. Sufferers experience the onset of symptoms as early as late April, but most of the affected population reports episodes beginning in late May, through the first week of June. The Victim is often woken up by his first episode of the season. Typically, he is driven to consciousness by the sensation of being well rested.

It was strange, to open my eyes and look at a quiet alarm clock, glowing faintly in full daylight. It Began to sink in. I don't have to regurgitate a huge wad of microbiology or logarithms onto a piece of paper today. It's been raining, and the vegetables are fine...furthermore, It's too wet to cut the grass. I don't have to read anything. I can edit a few pictures, visit my Aunt in the nursing home, and clean my house. The only jobs I have lined up are outdoor work and the weather is looking prohibitive for the next ten days (that's actually pretty uncool... I had a postponement on a window installation that should have put some house payment in my wallet this week). I am relatively free, today. Hmmm.You Gonna Eat That?

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