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Friday, February 1, 2008

How many blogs is too many?

Well, I struggle to write consistently. It does me good, I think, to get my thoughts out onto paper, even the virtual kind. I pause a lot in my thoughts, and obviously, at some point, I was taught that pauses are to be punctuated by commas. Fortunately, commas do not require the shift key or possibly, I would have given up on keyboarding long ago. It would also be nice if my typing ability kept pace with my thoughts but this would require the aggressive pursuit of a new skill, and my plate is full.As well as struggling to write Consistently, (in addition to overusing the comma, I will sometimes reflexively Capitalize something for no reason that I can ascertain, and yet will leave the article/pronoun “I” in lowercase…go figure. I am reminded of the savant Charlie Gordon in Daniel Keyes' novel, flowers for Algernon. ) I struggle with the fact that I wish to write in several different arenas. I would like to free form journal, like this, Journal some of my prayers/thoughts/interactions(I hope) with God, as well as write structured essays/ blurbs on specific topics. For instance, On Tuesdays, I attend a Men’s Breakfast where men, who are older and wiser than me, assemble to relate to one another and be taught by a friend of mine. This last Tuesday, I began to wrestle with the paradox, at least in my mind, of relating to a person with a combination/coexistence of fear/reverence/intimacy….More on this Tommorrow.

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