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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Etremely Rare

Etremely Rare, originally uploaded by Christopher Rauch.
     We get a few snowflakes every winter here, in Middle Georgia. The appearance of a little snow is a happy little occasion. Accumulation is kinda remarkable. This morning, there was frozen white stuff on top of the asphalt. We don't get that much. I just saw a clump of snow slip off my roof and fall to the freakin' ground past my window, like something from a movie.
     I bet Blood Mountain is incredible.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and sorry it was such a girly post lol.

    The story of your aunt touched me. I think it is normal to have regrets for the way we treated people when we were younger. We haven't lived enough of this life to be compassionate. I can only home they wave it away as a childs issues and not take it to heart.

    I also have to say the picture of your friends and their baby. Beautiful. I saw the labor pictures and this follow up picture just spoke volumes. It showed love and tenderness.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. i like the photos on your site here.
    do you photograph the images? they are particulary full of depth.

    now, for the books on my blog...
    book 1 has been given away.
    book 2 and 3 still have no takers.
    book 4 has some comments on that post and i will draw a name from the comments that have been left on that post.
    just stop by and go back on my post and you will see a post for each book that i am giving away. leave a comment on the each post of each book that you are interested in.
    each post says when the name will be drawn for that particular book. it sounds complicated but it is really very easy.

    i like your expression and how you write here on your blog. keep on expressing yourself with honesty, Love and an open heart.



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