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Saturday, February 6, 2010

December 14, 1942 - February 6, 2110 7:20 am

Day 7, originally uploaded by Christopher Rauch.

     My Aunt Judy had a few challenges, in this world. She suffered from one of the childhood diseases, one that vaccines allow us to disregard. I cannot even recall its name or symptoms, but an extremely high fever left her brain damaged. Aunt Judy was one of those rare individuals who was profoundly aware of her retardation. She understood she lacked something she was born with, and she missed it all her life. She hungered for romance, a home of her own, the right to choose her own destiny, and the ability to think more deeply. She was intellectually gifted before this was visited upon her. She was like Moses, dying within sight of a land flowing with milk and honey, forbidden entry by her creator. Aunt Judy once said "God shit on me when I was a baby....and he has been doing it ever since." Judy's faith was unfrilled, like a primer gray body wrapped around 500 cubic inches. It didn't have a great paint job, but it would get there faster than my car. 
   After my parents divorced,  Grandma and Judy came to Georgia from Ohio. I guess it was to help take care of me and my sister. At that time Judy was in her thirties, with beautiful brown hair. She was hopelessly in love with Robert Urich. Me and Dad would call him "Robert Urine" and she would defend him, correcting us perpetually, always having the last word. Judy had blue eyes like my Father. I wish many things were different when it comes to Aunt Judy, There is a little guilt at how I treated her, and a little anger at how the world treated her. I am glad she is free, and I was there when she left. Everyone else has managed to slip away before I could get there.

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