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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rubber, meet Road.

ryan and jenny bw, originally uploaded by use2blost.
     This was a milestone for me. The last couple of weeks, in between life shaking events, I have tried to learn a little more about shooting people, Hoping to kinda head in that direction. Yesterday, Debbie called and informed me about contractions, dilation, and other disturbing things having to do with the maternal vagina. She closed the phone call by informing me that belly shots of her daughter-in-law had to happen immediately, or during the next pregnancy. This was done in a loving, unpressuring tone of voice. Baby can send pressure, and threatening gloom simply with the power of her mind....often her voice is not involved. But I'm not saying she did that, here.
     So I strapped on some gear and tripodery (which I barely used,) and ran over to Ryan and Jenny's.
     Now, you should know I have an emotional scar...
     Decades ago, I had hair, enough that it had to be cut by a professional. Said professional went into a quick, intense labor during my incompleted 80's hair maintenance. I'll save the details for another post, but laboring women leave me feeling endorkened, with  fear and a sense of unfinished business.
    Anyway, I got a couple shots, and the laptop has been converting raw files all night, and Lily Saddler arrived. Yeah. the baby came shortly after I took this picture. Actually I got a few shots of Jenny wincing with contractions. I'll ask If I can display them in my public photos. I have never been around for the birth of a baby. and I am excited. It occurs to me I can abandon this slow, laboring laptop, run over to the Women's Center, and get some shots of cheesy, eye-boogery, howling perfection. I am going to teach her how to fly fish.


  1. Childbirth is an amazing gift. Ryan, Jenny and Lily will treasure these pictures always. Its not often a mommy is caught so very close to giving birth. Awesome, Awesome photo and post!

  2. hope labor and birth went well.
    you caught such a peaceful loving moment.

  3. OK, I know the point of this post was about the parentals, the baby and the photos...but I admit I got caught up in your paragraph about how you used to have hair "decades ago". And the mental image of you sitting in a chair with one of those god-awful black capes draped around your neck while a hairdresser starts bending over cramping and groaning with scissors and a comb in her hands somehow made me laugh out loud.

    Congrats to Ryan and Jenny; not only do they have a new gift, they have a tax deduction for 2009. ;)

  4. They DO, Eva! I'm a little excited. lol. And the Birth went well, Nancy, thanks for dropping by. :)


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