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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blogging from class

My biology professor is a hoot... this is our 4th class and we have yet to be given a syllabus. He has lectured on sailing, given a brief review of the movie "wind", and today, we watched an interview with Dr. Christian Du Duve, a Nobel Lauriate who won (with 2 others) the prize in medicine in1974. as I write this now, he is discoursing on harpsichord music and Handel's Messiah
he said we won't be tested on any of this...

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  1. I am in the library right now myself. Gotta write a summary of today's Philosophy of Science reading. We'll have about 30 of these to do. Time-consuming! But then I read in the syllabus that he won't even be grading these. Score!


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