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Monday, May 17, 2010

What's in a name?

Fulla Spunk. originally uploaded by Christopher Rauch

     My url is no longer my name. :( this has opened up a couple questions for me. When you buy a domain, who gets that money? What makes them special? how does that work? I guess we'll do a little homework on all that stuff, and probably think over a couple formats. Some of the code in my widgets is irrelevant since the change in uri, so my layout needs much tweaking. If I had a twelve-year old old, I'd make him learn HTML. (No X-box until the blog is updated!). Oh, well. occurs to me I should have a separate photo blog/site.
     Another thing... some of the stuff I think needs to be said on matters of morality, ethics, and God lies outside my testicular umbrella (Read: He doesn't have the balls to write about that shit with his name attached.) so I am thinking about an anonoblog. One last thing...I like the idea of an ongoing conversation of theological amatures. (ya know...the mozilla spellcheck isn't familiar with "amature", but on the web it is most often used in conjunction with "slut". Thanks, Google!) where the resposibility of thinking deeply and coming up with something relevant is spread out amongst a few individuals who think rightly. Of course, I would be the judge of that. LOL.                Chemistry has taken a huge toll. There are no words (that I can come up with at this time...I need to get back to studying) The quarter ends Thursday, and I think a little soul-searching is in order. I have not rambled, whined, speculated, or ranted near as much as I need to, but I will soon.

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