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Friday, March 5, 2010

Yeah, I know.

Yeah, I know., originally uploaded by Christopher Rauch.
     Suzie, my bitch (lol. It cracks me up to type that.) who usually sleeps diagonal to me on the left side, wandered in and out of the whelping area I prepared for her (a few towels, a couple old sleeping bags in the closet of Kelsie's old room) earlier this week. She's done that for the last few of nights, but last night she was unusually agitated. She woke me up about 1:30, and I figured she was in labor. I got threw down my good sleeping bag next to the whelping area, and that calmed her down quite a bit. She's a daddy's girl. I fired up the laptop and started re-listening to a podcast. every time I would drift away, Suzie would whimper, roll around, or simply lick my face, nostrils, and closed eyes, until I defended myself. I got a little coleman led lantern and the turning it on revealed that Suzie's vagina was REALLY funny lookin'. It was swollen (I've seen a couple swollen vaginas. This was different.), and looked somehow... too long. 
So I touched it ( I know, ewwww!), it was a LOT harder than any other  vagina I've ever touched. I began speculate and imagine that this is what a canine vagina would look like if it had a puppy in it.
     Guess what?
     I was right!  It  spit out a little water balloon that ruptured into what looked like a wet guinea pig in a condom. And since then we have been having puppies. Six  Seven of 'em in five hours. and she's getting that look again...

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  1. Just now catching up a little from moving in the the new house over the last two days. I don't have jack diddly done yet but I really wanted to see if you'd written anything new. So glad I did. I love these latest posts!

    Love the pic of Debby & the dog.
    Love the image of you running to a tree (glad I'm not the only one who uses objects as goals).
    Love your motivational speech. I think and say similar things to myself.
    Love how you described the new puppy (wet guinea pig in a condom? ROFL).
    Love that you clarified you'd seen vaginas before. ha ha ha

    Post more pics of the puppies. Sure wish I could've gotten one.

    Miss you, man.


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