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Monday, August 10, 2009

I came down to sit with Debbie, as she undergoes a pretty painful procedure, Here at the Houston Medical Center. I whipped out the laptop about an hour ago, to fart around a little bit, thinking that web access was unavailable at the hospital. (a year ago, my father began to die a few feet from where I sit. At that time, wifi wasn't available here.) I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple funny icons in the systray, and whaddya know, I'm almost caught up on my links, and TRYING to craft a blog post. With 12 minutes of battery power. The creative process (this is just writing, photography comes more naturally to me.) Has always been like a difficult birth to me. I know I'm male, but I've been told it was like pooping a basketball, and this I can imagine. Doggone it. 4 minutes to go. It's not gonna happen....

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