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Sunday, September 21, 2008

God is in Charge

Disclaimer: This is not my work, either in the original photo or the postprossesing. As near as I can figure it was done by Jill Greenberg, who, along with Dave Hill have achieved fame/notoriety with their photo processing style. It is something I myself have never tried (yet!) but seems to involve multiple light sources, and of course, a masterful hand with processing software. This style makes the photoartist in me grin in jealous admiration :)

Isn't He? 
I have a love-hate relationship with the 
pauline epistles. Many of his directives seem so counterintuitive, requiring the Christian to give up all attempts at self-protection, and whatever tenuous grasp he has on his personal agenda. Paul gives some rather hard to swallow advice on how the Romans should interact with their Government at a time when some of them were being utilized as human tiki-torches for the Imperial Backyard Barbecue. By reminding them, that "God's in charge" (Romans 13), But one of my basic beliefs, and there is scripture to support this, is that God want's us to DO something, to Impact our world with our God-given abilities in order to make it more closely resemble HIS ideal, and that we get a clue what this is by investing in, prioritizing, and seeking with discipline a Personal Intimacy with the source, or author of this ideal. 

  Wanted to get this striking and diabolical picture up so Deacon could see it

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  1. HAHA let me know if you get in trouble by our government for this amazing pic so i can put it on my myspace.

    i loveyou
    had fun with you today


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